• “she want the whole crew shawty brave, when the money talks what is there to say.”
  • “fly nígga take your bítch on a flight nígga, take her wherever she like nígga.”
  • “everybody under disguise man they scheming, these hóes will set you up tell you they love you they don't mean it.”
  • “i can't see nothing but the money, bítch i'm colorblind.”
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  • | go shawty , its ya birthday
  • | talking hella s'hit but what you really gonna do ? she backing all that a'ss i call that b'itch a kangaroo , d'aaaamn is it really true ? do i keep dropping hits just out the f'ucking blue ? he really f'ucking love me yeah he says she is my boo

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  • re - intro , it's been a while ☽
  • running on the music and night highs
  • { ugghhhh fück a title tysm }

  • i suck at sets now.

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  • do it with a lot of spit, let it drip, yeah, catch my babies
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  • ---Unfinshed draft
  • "Mari Da Model aka wild child."
  • "can you tell me why? what is it about me that makes you feel that way about me?"
  • 5:40 ▬ Kendall Sariyah
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No sets

  • for chad & dre
  • " just hopped off the plane I just got out about a day ago, everybody love me , when they see me they be like there he go." -- kiona
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  • ❛  get mine,bout mine, go hard. looking for anotha like me? boy stop, i bring me..
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